Project description

The CIPnet project is implemented in China as a Joint action and its general objective is promoting the modernisation and harmonisation of Intellectual Property Management practices in the higher education system, with a view to enhance university-industry collaborations and contribute to economic and social development.


Blueprint for Innovation & IP Strategies for China is the collection of the research papers exploring technology transfer and IP management process at heigh education institutions with a particular emphasis on China and international cooperation. On the one hand it presents very up to
date problems related to changing environment often called as 4th industrial revolution, on the other hand – it focuses on specific
issues heaving great importance for universities managing their IP protected research results. 

Blueprint for Innovation & IP Strategies is addressed to managers, TTO officers, researchers involved in commercialization and management of IP
at universities and not only. Many of the analyzed issues are universal in nature making this publication interesting for everyone. 

We are pleased to provide you with the Chinese version of the Good Practices Guide for TT&IP management in HEIs. Next to the updated English-language Guide the entirely translated to Chinese publication is now available. Good Practices Guide contains the selection of the good practices gathered by European and Chinese universities in the field of intellectual property management. Please refer to the following document.